Sunday, August 30, 2009

Arrival in Jakarta

Hello all! After over 24 hours on planes and 40 hours of travel time, I have finally arrived safely in Jakarta.
Highlights (note: this term is loosely used in some cases) of the trip: luggage lost, discovering that the woman who checked me in at the Burlington airport did not give me my baggage claim tickets, luggage found, barely making the flight from Singapore to Jakarta, most turbulent flight ever from Sing-> Jakarta, being a diplomatic exception to immigration and customs in Jakarta (and thus bypassing the lines), and most recently arriving to a beautiful and comfortable room.
We have already begun filling out paperwork for Indonesian Immigration and US State Department. There is always more paperwork to complete. This afternoon we have off and are going to take a shuttle into the city to exchange some money and eat dinner. I plan on crashing right after dinner because orientation starts bright and early at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.
***NOTE: I am 11 hours ahead of EST.***
I will write a more interesting post of first impressions soon! Until then...

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  1. Hello, Hello, Dear Sarah,

    I am so happy that you safely arrived in Indonesia. And, just think, the stories have begun right from the onset!

    I cannot wait to follow along these months with you as you share your thoughts, impressions, learnings, findings, sights, information, experiences, and adventures with us.

    Enjoy every single moment.
    Love, Mary Ann