Saturday, February 20, 2010

Presidential Plans

President Obama has announced that he will be visiting Indonesia in March. Excellent news! The whole country, myself included, is excited.
Unfortunately, President Obama has declined to meet with the Fulbrights. Drat! I was hoping that being one of the few American citizens living here and having a prestigious fellowship offered by the U.S. government I might be able to meet the leader of our nation. Well, apparently the prestige of the Fulbright is not as far reaching as I thought. What's the use of this Fellowship if it can't even get us an audience with the President? Admittedly, he might have more pressing matters to attend to in Indonesia than meeting us. I wasn't asking for much though--only 5 minutes to introduce myself and take some photos!
I had grumpily resigned myself to the missed opportunity when the Jakarta Post released this article President Obama intends to give a public speech in Jakarta during his visit. Ah-ha! Opportunity! I learned many lessons growing up as Cheryl Vickery's niece, but one of the most important was that you can almost anything you want if you look cute, smile, argue sweetly and persuasively, and are persistent and bold. Secret Service agents and Presidents might not be as easy to convince as your average person, but it's worth a try. I will be at the front of that public speech in my cutest batik shirt with a huge sparkly eye-catching sign. And if I don't get to shake President Obama's hand and introduce myself to him, at the very least I will be there. And his missed opportunity will be as great as mine. Here's hoping!

Any suggestions for what my sign should say?


  1. I'd get Chesh's opinion as to the wording of your sign. Good Luck!

  2. Have the sign be bilingual. "Welcome to Indonesia" in English and Indonesian. Not creative but maybe effective...and likely to get photographed.