Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally in Magelang!

Hello everyone,
I have finally arrived at my school in Magelang! So far I have been enjoying getting to know my school and the people that I will be working with for the next 8 months. It has been confusing and entertaining so far. First, not many people speak any English. Schedules don't seem to exist-I'm being dragged around all day and introduced to people with no idea what I'm doing next or where I'm going. That said, the people here are so incredibly friendly and really want me to be happy. So I'm getting used to living with geckos, ants, bad internet, a maid, no privacy, and 2000 male students who whistle at me. Since the internet is so slow I might not be posting as often anymore, but I will try to keep you up to date.

For now, some of my favorite quotes thus far:
"You're so look so tired!"
"You're beautiful because you have a nice nose."
"How did you get so big and strong?" (in response to the fact that the vice principal-a man-couldn't pick up my luggage, but i did it with one arm...indonesians are small)
"Why aren't you white? Americans are supposed to be white, you're the same color as an Indonesian!"
"Don't be upset if the boy students point and laugh at you. It means they're afraid of you." (yeah, right, i'm sure that's what it means)


  1. Sounds like an adventure! I'm glad that you are surrounded by friendly people that care about your happiness... What more could you ask for? Whistling, male students that point at you and laugh, YEAH, they are definitely afraid of you!! I can't wait to hear more...
    Take care... Love and Miss You,