Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I went grocery shopping yesterday. I went with the head master of my school and two male English teachers. It was clear that none of them do the shopping for their households. It was a hilarious hour and a half excursion. I couldn't read any of the labels and they didn't know what brands were best. I could write a great comedy act about it. I spent the equivalent of $32. This is what I bought: (if some of these items/numbers sound odd, remember that I was shopping with 3 men who didn't know what they were doing)
1 box tissues
1 bag sugar
1 bottle dish soap
1 bag frozen peas
1 tub butter
5 boxes noodles
1 jar sambal (Indonesian hot sauce)
1 bag salt
5 tomatoes
4 onions
1 can tomato sauce
1 jar nutella
1 jar nasi goreng seasoning (for Indonesian rice)
1 bottle of mizone (equivalent of gatorade, good for regaining electrolytes when sick)
9 garlic bulbs
3 mango yogurts
1 box tea bags
2 bags of tofu
1 roll toilet paper
1 bottle shampoo
24 eggs
1 bag of organic rice (the size of half a bail of hay)
1 huge bottle of cooking oil
1 bar of peanut sauce
2 red bell peppers

1 comment:

  1. That's quite a list of groceries!
    No bread?
    You can never have enough garlic! (Maybe the boys should be afraid of you!)
    I want to know how Sambal compares to Frank's Hot Sauce?
    Who carried the bag of rice?
    I hope you'll post recipes sometime.
    Love, Mum