Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Happy 1st day of Spring! It is 101 degrees in Magelang today. Is that double or triple the temperature in Vermont?

I've been trying to prepare people here for Neil's size. I keep telling them that my little brother is BIG. I'm trying to cut down on the number of people who will be scared of him. Not only is he tall, but he has some mass to him -- whereas you'd be hard pressed to find an Indonesian teenage male who weighs much more than me regardless of their height. I've seen how people react to ETA Jimmie who is also a good sized American male. In my mind, I try to add that Neil is also pale, blond, and has blue eyes to the response Jimmie gets. People might faint. He's sort of like the uber-bule. As opposed to me -- my Ibu tells people I'm only a half-bule because I have a darker complexion.

Yesterday one of my students said to me, "Miss Sarah, what happened to your window? It used to have such nice pictures. Now it is just a window." Well, just a window no longer! Photos of "It's Spring in Vermont!" coming soon.

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