Thursday, March 18, 2010

Odds and Ends

My internet has been atrocious for the last week or so, which is why I haven't posted anything new.
23 days and 19 hours until the MacKenzie clan invades Indonesia! That's right Donna, Chet, and Neil are all coming to visit for 2 weeks in April. It will be great to see them and show them my world here. Planning and preparing for their arrival is daunting and semi-stressful, but I know that it will be worth it when they get here.
Soon I will have some English competition entries to share with you. My students did a great job [once I practically forced them to participate] and I was very proud of them. A winner has been selected and he is excited to go to Jakarta with me for the competition in April.
On a body part test last week, one of my students wrote down "eye grasses" for eyelashes. I thought that was very cute.
When making nasi goreng for dinner tonight, I cracked open an egg into a pan on hot oil to fry and inside was the beginnings of a chicken. I am not joking. There were organs and blood. Really put me off the idea of eating dinner. I buy my eggs at the grocery store so I am not sure how this happened.
I watched two of my classes play soccer against each other (1 MB vs 1 MA) this afternoon in a complete downpour. About a quarter of the way through the game my Cabela's gortex raincoat decided the rain was just too much for it to handle. By the end of the game I was absolutely drenched and splattered with mud and other debris. The field was completely flooded. Whenever they had to stop the play for a corner kick or goal kick the ball would float away from the player on the 4-6 inches of water covering the field. I now know what Noah must have felt like at the start of the flood. Half time will go down as one of my favorite moments in Indonesia. Last week I showed 1 MB The Mighty Ducks in class and they loved it. At half time today, in the pouring rain, they gathered in the middle of the field and danced around yelling "quack, quack, quack, quack!" It was priceless. In the second half of the game there was a fight. It was quick and not that impressive or even that physical really, but it was the most exciting thing I've seen in awhile. Spectators poured onto the field to join in! I was torn between my "teacher" duty to break it up [or at least keep the spectators out of it] and blood lust [I miss hockey]. It ended before I even made up my mind what to do. The game was a blowout 4-0. Both teams were impressed that I showed up to watch and stayed for the whole thing. They thought it was crazy that I was willing to stand in the rain. I think it was a great way to spend the afternoon.

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  1. Exciting to be able to show friends around a new country. The chicken in the egg...not so fun. Have you heard of balut? It's a specialty from the Philippines: almost fully developed chicken embryo still inside the egg. I'll eat almost anything ("living" squid and silk worms in Korea, pickled crickets in Mexico, goat brains in South India, sausage in America) but I don't think I could eat that.

    Love the moment with the players quacking in the middle of the field. Adorable.