Monday, March 29, 2010

Whole Lotta Love

I think I am the best, if not most, loved ETA in the world! If that's a statement that I can't prove, at least it's one that I feel to be true. My whole time here people at home have gone out of their way to remind me that they are thinking of me and wishing me the best of adventures. I've received countless e-mails, phone calls, letters, and packages. I arrived home on Monday morning from an excellent vacation in Sumatra to find not one but two surprise packages!

This cornucopia of absolute deliciousness came from the Tom Vickery family! All of my favorite snacks that are unavailable in Indonesia: Cheez-Its, Crystal Light packets, dark chocolate (fortified with calcium...Aunt Pam is amazing!), and even my favorite kind of girl scout cookies! The best part was the letters from my little cousins. I remember writing letters to my Aunt Kristen when she was doing Peace Corps in Namibia and I'm sure my letters made her smile as widely as I did when I read those from Becca, Kate, and Ryan.

The second package was from the lovely Katherine Pezzella! She sent a beautiful card and chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. Amazing and delicious! I'm so thankful to have such wonderful best friends. I'm so excited to be seeing Miss Pezzella again in only 2 short months when we will both be moving to Boston for graduate school!

To top of the wonderfulness I received three cards today! One from my parents congratulating me on being accepted to graduate school. One from my cousin Angela sending happy thoughts for the tail end of my grant and promises of adventures in Boston this summer. One from the Chouinard family including lots of pictures and an adorable letter written by Will [age 3]. So much happiness to receive all in one week!

I really appreciate everything that everyone has done to remind me that there are people that love me regardless of where they are on the globe! Thanks!

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  1. How beautiful a day can be
    When kindness touches it!
    ~George Elliston