Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family Explorations in Java

During their two week stay in Indonesia my family was able to see many different and interesting sites. Here is a brief overview of our adventures in Java!
Ketep Pass is a lookout point high in the hills around Magelang from which you are able to get a great view of Mt. Merapi, Indonesia's most active volcano...which just happens to be in my backyard. Unfortunately, the day we visited Ketep Pass was very cloudy so my family wasn't able to see all the way to the top of Merapi.
Mum, Neil, and Dad in front of Borobudur Temple. Often called the 8th Wonder of the World and another tourist attraction conveniently located in my backyard. Borobudur is always ungodly hot and humid, but everyone pulled through nicely.
Here they are again in Borobudur Temple surrounded by all the carvings of Buddha and his life story. I've been to the temple several times now and was able to provide some background stories and history.
In Yogyakarta we visited Kraton, which is the Sultan's palace. Yogyakarta is still headed by a Sultan though I really think he serves more as a figure head. Here Neil and Dad pose with one of the statues guarding the entrance. This photo was taken just before Neil was attacked by a group of enthusiastic adolescent Indonesian girls who wanted his photo. I had to eventually chase them away when he started to turn purple.
A family portrait at the Sultan's palace. Our tour guide assured us that this was a prime spot for a good group photo.
We visited the local bird market where you can buy not only birds, but lizards, rodents, maggots, and other assorted "pets." I made a friend at the bird market with this adorable little owl.
Neil and I got close with Buddha in Prawirotaman, one of the more touristy sections of Yogya.

MacKenzies meet the monsoon! Caught outside our hotel one afternoon my family learned that rain falls quickly and heavily in Indonesia. They were thoroughly soaked, but still happy!

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