Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WORDS 2010: Nur Hasyim

Changing the World

There are somethings
That lost from our hands
Slide by our fingerscavity
There are somethings
That beginning don't whit resolved
But, now we begin to hope it

We look grey air at sky
We look water of lake that more decline
A little bird
Don't warble again in the morning

Woods lost their branches
Branches lost their leafs
Leafs lost their branches
Branches lost their woods

We look mountains pumped ash
Ash brought stones
Stones brought quake
Quake brought slide down
Slide down brought flood
Flood brought water
Eyes water (tears)

We look one thousand signs
Can we read those signs?

I loging to woods
To suck that air
Look the green of those leafs
Tread those grass

I longing to woods
To hear birds warble
All monkey be leap
Tigers be roar
Dears that skillful

I longing to woods
I longing to my world

Is time when we must changing The World
Better than yesterday.

By: Nur Hasyim, XMB

I think Nur Hasyim's poem is excellent. I have copied it for you exactly as he wrote it. I am so proud of his beautiful imagery. I know that I told you that I would share videos of my students presenting their competition pieces, but my Internet is not fast enough to upload them these days. Sorry!

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  1. Hi Sarah, my name is Mark and I'll be a future Indonesia ETA Fulbrighter. I've been following your blog recently, and it's been really helpful to get a picture of the coming year! I haven't received all the info yet, but as a Fulbrighter are you allowed to participate in activities outside of teaching? E.g. volunteering at a community organization, involving yourself in activities other than teaching?