Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday Morning Workout

Every Friday morning there is a mandatory school-wide [that means students and teachers] workout session for the first hour of the day. The theme of the exercise rotates week by week. Some weeks we go for a leisurely stroll around the town. Some weeks the students play soccer and the teachers jog. Some weeks we run laps around the school. And then comes my favorite week of the month - aerobics week. Imagine 2,500 children and adults "mouse-ercising" [remember that back in elementary school? aerobics with Mickey Mouse music?]. They blare a loud mix of Indonesian and American music. There is a hired aerobics instructor who stands on a platform leading the activity by example and by enthusiastic yelps and screaming encouragements. Surprisingly, everyone gets really into the aerobics. Both teachers and students go all out jumping and swinging their arms without restraint. Watching aerobics is one of the highlights of my month. Maybe it sounds rude, but nothing makes me laugh as hard. [I would feel bad about this, but considering how often people laugh at everything I do and 'surreptitiously' take photos of me without asking...Fair is fair.]

You'll have to forgive my cackling during the videos. These videos aren't the best of the aerobics. I missed most of it and this is their cool down, which is much calmer and less energetic than the rest of the workout. Still, it gives you a little insight into what I'm talking about. Enjoy!

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  1. They look very cute doing this, and I'm surprised how in synch they are. Thanks for posting.