Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MONGGO Chocolate Factory

This may be heaven on Earth! This Friday Lolly and I went to the MONGGO chocolate factory in Kota Gede, Jogjakarta! MONGGO is the only good chocolate that we've found in Indonesia and it is delicious! And expensive; which makes it a rare treat. MONGGO is made from Indonesian cocoa beans from both Sumatra and Java. The founder of the company is Belgian, but the workers are all Indonesian women.
It is a rare occurance to visit the factory when they are in production, but we lucked out! It wasn't quite as cool as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--mostly due to the lack of oompa loompas. It was still really cool to watch the women pour big dippers full of melted chocolate into molds and then pipe them full of filling. Lolly and I stood gaping at the workers until they started to gape back at us [probably no one has ever watched them for such a long period of time before]. We finally pried ourselves away to visit the gift shop for our free samples. Of course I thought of Chesh the whole time--the wonderful Aunt who first introduced me to the delicious world of chocolate! If I ever find myself jobless with no immediate prospects, I'm moving back to Yogya to work at MONGGO! We were behind glass so my pictures aren't that great, but here is the room where the chocolate is put into molds and filling added. MONGGO makes bars with nuts, strawberry jam, ginger, praline, and other flavors.
Those big pots are full of melted chocolate. Lolly and I debated the intelligence of begging for one, but in the end decided to settle for our free sample and the many factory-discounted bars we bought!


  1. Hi Sarah, I'm the ELF in Gorontalo this year but I'll be the ELF in Yogya next year and I LOVE chocolate, so thanks for posting this. I can't wait to check out the factory!!

  2. Great little gem of a post. Did you see the article in the "New Yorker" about 3 years ago on high-end chocolate in the US? The description of the factory and also of the Brazilian plantation were magic. They described a fresh drink made from chocolate pulp, but a drink that decays so quickly and which can't stand refrigeration, that it's never readily available more than a dozen or so degrees of latitude from where cacao is produced. Maybe you could get a taste there?