Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Need a Pet?

If you're searching for the wild, the exotic, the rare, or the just plain strange; start looking at Yogyakarta's bird market--Pasar Ngasem. You never know what you'll find wandering through those narrow streets.
As its name suggests, the bird market offers many different species of birds. Chickens, canaries, small song birds, parrots, and many other birds are on display. Some of the birds can sing. Some of the birds can talk. They come in all different colors and sizes. Isn't this little blue one just adorable?They even offer owls! I've wanted a pet owl since I started reading Harry Potter books in 6th grade. Seeing them for sale instantly gave me the awesome vision of me teaching my classes with my tiny owl, Artemis, perched on my shoulder. Artemis would correct me when I made English mistakes. Sadly, back in the real world, 1. owls don't talk and 2. there is probably a 0%chance that US customs would let me bring an Indonesian owl into the states. Dreams dashed.The bird market also boasts other flying fruit bats. This is a baby fruit bat. The adults are much larger.There were also small rodents and mammals like this squirrel-like creature. It had an impressively long jump. Also for sale: rats and mice. As if there aren't enough of those available for free in every home here.Moving on to reptiles, they had a nice selection of all scaly things. Green lizards, brown lizards, chameleons, snakes...
Miniature monitor lizards--read: komodo dragon family and the monster that invaded tall Sarah and Alexa's house in Gorontalo.
And of course, you can't forget your nice buckets of worms or maggots! Who doesn't want those?
Also available for purchase were cats, dogs, rabbits, an assortment of tropical fish, ants, and a porcupine. Who knows what else there was that I didn't even see!
Happy pet shopping!