Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jejamuran: The Mushroom Restaurant

Last weekend I went to Yogyakarta, the big city closest to Magelang, to visit some friends and generally just escape my everyday life for awhile. Yogya (as it is fondly called...pronounced Joe-jah) is a city full of culture and interesting things to do. Historically, it is an important city in Indonesia because it is a cultural, philosophical, and educational hotsprings from which many ideological and actual revolutions have started.
There are these offices around Indonesia called The American Corner and one of them is located in Yogya. These offices are a collaboration of the U.S. State Department and the Indonesian Government. Their essential mission is to convince Indonesians of the goodwill of the United States. They offer English courses, provide literature about English and the U.S., give lectures about topics pertaining to all facets of life in America, and offer assistance in applying for grants to go to the U.S..
During my weekend visit, The American Corner in Yogya decided that they wanted to take me, Lolly (ETA), Thom (ETA), and Colin (Fulbright Researcher) out for lunch--both to welcome us to Indonesia and to rope us into giving guest lectures at their center. Who are we to turn down a free meal? They took us to this restaurant called Jejamuran, which is the hot new place in Yogya. At this restaurant, everything on the menu is made out of mushrooms (jamur). We had mushroom soup, mushroom sate, mushroom omlettes, spicy mushroom relish, etc. It was delicious! I couldn't believe how each dish had such a unique flavor and texture, but they were all made from mushrooms! Enak sekali (very delicious)!
All the mushrooms eaten at Jejamuran are grown on site. After you eat you can go out back and look at how your lunch was grown. It was fascinating! I have never seen such odd "mushroom gardens" before.
Lolly and Colin approve of these crazy looking mushrooms.
Look at all of them! They grow out of plastic rolls of what I imagine is dirt.
Jejamuran set up this lovely display that identified the many different varieties of fungi they grow and cook on site.


  1. I saw a restaurant like this awhile ago on the Travel Channel and thought of you.

    I would love it there. I'm not sure if I would like the food or visiting the mushroom garden better!

    Love, love reading all about your adventures. Love the stories, love your thoughts and love those beautiful children!

    Take good care and continue to post whenever you can. Love, Mary Ann

  2. Yum, very interesting... Sounds like a fun weekend!
    Mum xo