Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lucu Sekali!

Lucu sekali translates to very cute. And aren't these kids adorable? My teaching counterpart's parents are taking pilgrimage to Mecca this month. Before they leave they have to host a number of gatherings so that everyone can say goodbye and bless them for the journey. I went to give them my blessing (I was unaware that this was my task until I arrived) last weekend. These are some of their 9 grandchildren. Everyone thought it was very funny that I prefered to sit on the ground and play with the kids rather than listen to old people babble at me in Javanese (which I do not speak a word of). I miss hanging out with little kids and babysitters aren't necessary here because some extended family member is always around to watch the children.
The little boy on the far right is named Bintang (star in English). He is very shy and too cute for words! I think of him as the Indonesian version of Will. He came with me to the bookstore and slipped his tiny little hand into mine while we shopped. I wish I could borrow him on days when I need a pick-me-up.

This little guy is one year old. He ate everything he could get his hands on all day long. Here he is enjoying a huge slice of watermelon.

Sorry for how small all the pictures have been lately, but this is as large as my internet connection will let me upload. If you click on them they can be enlarged.

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  1. Lucu sekali,indeed! Children are the same wherever you go, the ultimate ambassadors...
    Mum xoxo